I am currently reading Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and chapter 6 talks about why people give up on their dreams. This got me thinking about my dreams. Not only have I have not accomplished them but I’m not even making progress.

One of my largest dreams is to be a public speaker (even saying that ‘out loud’ gives me stage fright). A lot of people know this because I’ve been talking about it since my first ever Women of Faith experience. I remember sitting there feeling so inspired and encouraged and I kept picturing myself up there doing the same for others one day.

I would say that seed was planted about 6 or 7 years ago (completely guessing but it’s been at least that long). How could I have made 0 progress in that amount of time? FEAR. Fear I have nothing relevant to say. Fear nobody will care what I have to say. Fear all my efforts will be in vain. Fear of sucking. Feeling like I am not qualified even slightly (because I’m actually not on any technical level). The list could go on. In short, I was the thing standing in my own way.

Rachel Hollis has practical application built in to each chapter of Girl Wash Your Face and chapter 6 has you write down your dreams. I have started a list that I will turn into a vision board when I get home (I’m currently on vacation!). This blog has been a long time  coming and is the first practical step I can make towards accomplishing my ultimate goal…reaching the masses for Christ through my personal testimony.

God calls the unqualified and qualifies the called!!! I pray what I have to say will be Christ inspired and will reach even one person along their journey.

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