Even Satan Believes

I think there's a common misconception that simply believing in God will get you into heaven. Even believing that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose on the third day isn't enough in and of itself. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this and it's so very complicated and so very simple [...]


In the spirit of Valentines Day, I thought I'd write about adoption! This may sound strange at first, but Valentines Day is the day the adoption of our son became final. It is a day that has been celebrated in our house as his second birthday since he found out he was adopted in the [...]


I think some Christians are under the common misconception that following God will somehow make all their problems go away. I even have one of those signs up in my house that says, "Don't tell your God you have a big problem, tell your problem you have a big God." This is true...but...as anyone continues [...]

It is Well

I've been leading worship for about 9 years but, like most things, it took many years to develop the ability to do it well. I don't mean the ability to sing well (although that took some developing as well), I mean the ability to connect on a deeper level with God and, through my connection [...]


I think anyone who has walked with God long enough has a testimony of His faithfulness. Time after time when He has shown up in our circumstances in a way that not only shapes who we are but drastically changes the trajectory of our life. As my son turned 16 on Saturday, I couldn't help [...]

Follow Christ, Not Christians

Of course we are called to save the lost and evangelism is alive, active and relevant today. However... My personal passion is not to bring some unknown revelation to lost souls who have never heard of God or Jesus because that's unrealistic in our day and age (not to say that need doesn't exist on [...]